Pro Police but Anti-Racism

I am really sick and tired to hear the BS going on about the police.

So, I am here to say, I am not pro racism I am pro police. You do not have to be pro racism to be pro police.

Now, before you start jumping on me about what is going on in the world today I do not agree with what has been going on. Any police officer who uses their position of trust to abuse people of colour. It is absolutely disgusting when you see a police officer killing an unarmed man but here is the thing, NOT ALL POLICE OFFICERS ARE LIKE THAT

Just like doctors Police Officers SHOULD be held to a high standard because of the position of trust and authority they have in any community and every police force around the world should weed out those officers who are racist and unable to do their job to a high standard without letting their racist ideology come through.

When you look at the issue of George Floyd this has never been more clearer and the blue wall of silence should never help cover these attrocities.

I will repeat this again. Not all police officers are racists and not all police officers will put their knee on someones throat till they die. These are the police officers that we need to protect because they protect us.

You can be Anti-Racist and Pro-Police which I am. So to any police officer who is having a hard time now know that I appreciate all that you do. Thank You For Your Service.

I would also ask the media to stop making the police out to be assholes because if you are mugged, beaten or raped, or if your home is broken into, your child abducted or killed the first thing you will do is dial 999 and call the police. However, I wonder if you truely believe that the police should be de-funded and go back to the times of lynch mobs? The police do the job that you cant or wont do and their payment from you is to have all of them labbled racists. HOW DARE YOU!

Again I will say Thank You For Your Service to all Police Officers across the globe and if you are one of those officers who are looking to abuse your authority then I kindly ask that you leave the good officers to their jobs and stop causing issues for them.


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