Mental Wellbeing, Physical Wellbeing, Financial Wellbeing

Being a shielder on my own there have been many times I have let my own wellbeing falter. My personal care has gone out of the window and I am then worried about everything else that I have to deal with. There are so many elemants to wellbeing that if one falters then the rest are sure to tumble.

Take for instance, mental well being. Some times this falters because I have had a particularly confusing day at work and I start feeling down on myself, or therapy has been traumatic and I can't bring myself back to an even keel. It could also be that I feel low about being a shielder on my own. These things can have a negative impact on you that sends the rest into a tail spin. If you think out it, when you are mentally struggling you do not want to do much and are much more likely to pay for stupid things that you are unable to afford and less likely to move about and do physical activities.

When I am struggling physically for instance my back is causing me so much pain I do not want to get out of bed, of course it has an impact on how much you do in a day which will also have a knock on effect but it can also have a mental effect as well. You hurt so you do not want to get out of bed, because of this you feel more down on yourself because you cant get out of bed.

My biggest issue which I mentioned on a previous blog is financial wellbeing. When you are worried about money it will always have a mental and physical impact on you. This is even more true because you may of noticed that whilst mental health is considered a problem with your mind, it can have a serious impact on you physically. My worries certainly do have a worrisome impact on me. I wonder, will I be able to pay the rent next month? Will my external bill be more then I can afford? How can I replace x y and z without any money. This tends to make me not want to leave my bed most days but if I go on sickleave I will be unable to definately pay my bills. This again is a huge concern so I have been fighting through the fatigue but at some point you wonder, Will this really result in anything positive?

All 3 areas of wellbeing are important. It is important to keep yourself going and as I said, one area of wellbeing falters then everything else will fall out of whack.

Things you can do to help your self are:
1) Take time for yourself! If you know your mentally exhausted then that time could be the difference between being able to continue to work or having a breakdown;
2) Set yourself a daily target of steps. Even if this means for a few minutes walking on the spot, that is still exercise and you are moving your body instead of letting it stiffen up;
3) For financial wellbeing ask for help when you need it whether it be through a charity, work, government or crowdfunding. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, suffering in silence is more likely to have the worst possible outcome for you;

Again I request that anyone who is able to help me in my time of financial need please look at, and donate if possible, or share my link with other. The link is: My Paypal Pool

Please if you can help this disabled shielder survive I really would appreciate it. I really need help.


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