Medical Stress & Suing Culture

Some people in the medical community really frustrate me beyond belief. I am asthmatic, I am autistic, Dyslexic, with Depression, PTSD and spinal problem. I have been living with my conditions for a while now and the asthma my entire life and yet, there are some medical professionals who believe they know better then me about my body.

So here is why it is annoying. In 2008 I had a massive cancer scare. I had a 14cm lump in my left breast. Luckily for me it was benign but it got so big because I brushed it off. It would appear and disappear when I was having my periods. At the time my periods were so erratic that I just thought it was a by product of hormones because crazy. Until the day it did not go away and got bigger. I had to go through tests, ultra sounds and even surgery. The healing process was terrible. I vowed never to be in that situation again.

Now it gets really frustrating when you speak to a medical professional and then he ignores the fact that you know what your talking about and makes you feel 2ft tall. I went to a GP recently and told them I had a chest infection. I went through all the symptoms with them and even told them why I did not think it was COVID-19. This GPs response was "I am the doctor, I will be the judge". He went onto ask me the question that gave him the same answers I had given him in the beggining and then said "Miss X, You have a chest infection". I have never been more annoyed in my life.

When you have people who treat you like this it makes you feel so small. I am the expert in my health and not some doctor that I am going to speak to on the phone for 5 minutes. I know warning signs and I know symptoms. I also only goto the doctors when I need medication that over the counter stuff will not budge. You would think that this, would give you a bit of respect in that regards.

We live in a world where people are quick to sue that our medical professionals are having to be extra careful about because they do not want to get sued. Obviously if it is a mistake that should not of been made even with the extra cautious nature of them now I say sue but people are suing over stupidity.

Because of the way the world is sue first think later it is harder for people with long term health issues. We know how our conditions affect us and honestly doctors should listen to us because we go in with the information they need to confidently say "ok Miss X your right you have a chest infection let me prescribe anti-biotics etc". But they cant because their scared that they will be sued.

Maybe people need to get out of this mindset that we will sue for everything and let people do their jobs. It would make my life easier and many others who have long term health issues easier.


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