Im Calling You Out

Dear President Trump,

At the beginning of your Presidency I used to think, you are rough around the edges but behind the divisive words you were using, you had the making for some legitimate and promising policies especially around immigration. The respect I had for you in the beginning has now dwindled to nothing. You have been racist! You have been down right disrespectful to politicians in my country to the point your own citizens were apologising for your behaviour! You have made ignorant and down right unconscionable choices and have gotten even worse with COVID.

So now I am calling you out!! The USA has the highest death rate in the world according to the WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION. That is the highest death rate in the WORLD.  You have the highest death rate then even Mexico and yet, you decide that you can flaunt the need to social distance, to wear masks, and to fund your medical professionals and provide them with the PPE. In fact, just to put this into perspective UK citizens are advised they can travel to some parts of South America and even CANADA because the risk of COVID is negligible but the USA is still advised AGAINST! So Countries around you including those where you "wanted to build a wall" are handling the pandemic better then you!

How many people need to die before you get the message?

As someone who has had COVID badly I can tell you, you cant breath well, you sleep all the time and even walking to the bathroom makes you feel like you are going to pass out. If you had had it then you would understand how bad it is.

Because of your behaviour, people are ignoring social distancing, ignoring face masks getting sick and dying. THAT IS ON YOU! It is funny, you are basically wiping out the people who voted for you. I guess that is one way to loose an election, get everyone who actually trusts you to ignore the risks they are putting themselves in and getting sick and dying! 

How immoral are you?

You think that by claiming fake news, or saying other countries are fudging the numbers you can avoid your culpability, well you cant. When your judgement day comes I hope God balances your life against the lives of those who got COVID and died and denies you access to Heaven.

You sir are a SERIAL KILLER!

Now those who read this will say, "oh it was the virus that killed them" I agree COVID killed them but just like with guns, someone had to pull the trigger. By ignoring what clearly works and deciding to advise against all of it you have pulled that trigger. You can claim this is not true but why else would you have citizens of your country claiming "I am not a terrorist" as a reason for not wearing a face mask. Because your ignorance and stupidity said that that is wrong and wont help with the spread of COVID. 

You have made this a political issue when it is a public health issue.

So now, using the pee test or explanation of why we wear face masks;

If two people (one is you)  are naked and 1 pees on you then you will get wet;
If your wearing trousers and the naked person pees on you, some will get through the rest stays outside;
If your both wearing trousers then the guy pees on himself;

This is the same with face masks and COVID. If no one wears the face mask then COVID runs wild. If some wear face masks they are stopping the likelihood of giving someone else COVID but some with face masks will still be at risk. IF EVERYONE WEARS FACE MASKS OUTSIDE then the infection stops spreading dramatically because everyone is covered. 

You have some top minds working for you and instead of heading their advice you make it about "fake news". Well have you heard the saying, if everyone has a problem with you then the problem is not them, ITS YOU!

For once in your presidency stop thinking about the needs of DONALD J TRUMP and start thinking of the needs of your country. What would you do if someone you actually love got sick with COVID because they followed your example, didn't social distance or wear a mask. Would you finally stop this whole, " I am not a scientist but I know better then them" and actually start doing what was right? 

Do what it is right before you get more Americans killed.


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