Find your output

I have been drawing a lot recently so that I can let my frustration, love and anger out. I am not the best drawer in the world but it is a way for me to be leveled out.

This is the first one where I gave a face to anything. The symbol is from supernatural but for me it is in my mind to keep the bad thoughts and feeling away. I am also using it on PTSD therapy.

This is how I feel as an abuse victim. When I am safe and on my own. When I am on my own I am able break the chains and I am not a quivering wreak.

This for me is how I feel around certain people. I feel soo lonely when I am around certain people. I cant break free from them and I feel they are in one place and I cant get through it.

This is me trapped by badness. When I am around certain people this is how I feel. Weight down.

This is how I am feeling when it comes to certain people. I am trapped in their bs.

Like I said, I am not the best drawer but it lets me express myself.

If your struggling with expressing yourself then this might be good for you to try. When you keep yourself locked away and never let the badness out then you will struggle. It does not have to be drawing. I blog and draw and speak to people. Find your outlet.


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