Confusion on kids

I am seriously confused at how children can go bad. <.p>

The kids who broke my mums window, I have known them since they were small. We all moved onto this estate before some of them were born. When they were younger they were so sweet and cute. Now, they are turning bad and I do not understand what is causing it.

Today I caught the kids who broke my mums window taking pride in what they did. So, again, I had to go to the kids parents to tell them what I saw and again getting them in trouble. I am so angry at what is going on.

I will not even let people say, "you come from a bad area, its understandable". I will not let them get away with it because you know what, I come from the same area. I come from Ladbroke Grove. I am not comitting criminal vandelism or cussing at people and swearing at them. It is a choice. You choose to behave one way or another and I wish I knew what was causing the issue in these kids. They need to get their heads on straight or they will end up getting themselves thrown in jail.

In this case you can not even blame the parents because the parents are amazing. They are strict and they raise their kids right. Because of this I do not understand where they are going wrong. I am very frustrated about this.

It is soo sad to see.


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