Celebrities - Plastic Surgery

I read a story recently about the number of celebrities who have had plastic surgery. To be honest this article upset me.

Being someone who is autistic I take life very litterally. This is the body that I was born into. Would I like to get plastic surgery, yes but I am not fortunate enough to have the money to do it.

When you start seeing so many celebrities who, pre surgery, were gorgious already, I get angry. I was born and grew up to be only 5"3. My looks (if I have short hair and the right clothes) can get me called a man. I have to wear glasses and my entire life I am a teeth grinder so my teeth are in bad shape. I have had cancer scares so have scars and due to my mental health I have gained a lot of weight. I was not blessed with being rich, or being "discovered" so I have to deal with my at best average looks but these celebrities who are already gorgious risk loosing their beauty by having surgery after surgery.

What I would not give to be able to have weigh loss surgery and liposuction. I would kill to then have the flabby skin nipped and tucked but I cant afford it.

These celebrities are encouraging a world where it is ok to so "I do not look like Angelina Jole or Jennifer Anniston or Halle Berry I am disgusting. The truth is however, beauty on the outside only makes up a small part of a person. If you are beautiful on the inside you are beautiful on the outside, even if Hollywood stars do not let you think it.

One thing I am so grateful for being autistic is that I am very trueful and honest about my appearence. I am unable to lie. Some times it makes me too critical about myself however, it does not make it easy when you see celebrities bragging about surgery.

Dont take for granted who you are. I am autistic, dyslexic, asthmatic, with depression, PTSD and spinal problems. In an ideal world I would have amazing hair, beautiful body with my personality but this is the real world and not an ideal world.

Because of this false sense of beauty I lost my confidence in becoming an actress. Is it so wrong to want to have a level playing field?

It has taken me a long while to be ok with myself. I urge everyone to love yourself and do not let any celebrity make you feel


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