Black Lives Matter - But Why?

I get so sick of hearing people saying ALL Lives Matter when someone posts the "Black Lives Matter" slogan. It is ignorant of people to say that to be honest. It means you do not understand what the meaning behind "Black Lives Matter" really is. So, for you all here is my interpretation and why you should not say ALL LIVES MATTER in response.

Now before I start I want to say, I am not anti-police and I do not think that believing in Black Lives Matter means you can not be pro-police. Anyone who says it is an either or situation is pushing their own agenda and you need to make your own opinions.

The reason why the Black Lives Matters statement is so powerful. It means that whilst yes, everyone's life DOES matter, not every race gets attacked by people in authority. In the instance of George Floyd, it was a white police officer choking an unarmed black man until he died. How many police officers saw what was happening and just stood by and watched. The question you have to ask yourself, if George Floyd was white would he be dead today?

AGAIN I say I am not anti-police. I will support ALL police officers who serve and protect their community with distinction and without letting their personal and political views on race, gender, sexual orientation, disability or religion. Those are the officers who we should all be supporting and not attacking. You attack the wrong police officers and you are causing more harm then good.

When your entire race has been subjected to racial bigortry, racial brutality and Police Brutality in their past through a number of generations it is important that you understand how much pain there is. You have to understand that in a modern day where there should not be Black Men and Women dying at the hands of the police and yet it still does. This is why Black Lives Matter slogan is important. It is again important that you do not take this as ONLY black lives matter. It is more of a saying We are Black and OUR lives matter just as much as your does!

I hope that this explaination makes sense to people and I will kindly ask that if this makes it makes sense to you that you stop saying "All lives matter" when you see someone saying "Black Lives Matter". Instead of causing drama lets stand with our brothers and sister in the Black community and say YOUR RIGHT BLACK LIVES MATTER!

I wish I could petition police forces to weed out those police officers who are unfit for duty. I wish reform could be done across the globe so that they do not get to wear the uniform. Whilst I support the 99% of police officers who serve with honor, respect and care for all communities that 1% tarnish them. I would ask that all police forces start risk assessing their officers. If you have an officer with many reports of excessive force against anyone no matter their race, religion, sexual orientation, gender or disability then you sack them immediately. Set up policies that if you are a member of or have leanings towards groups who are racist or against someone for any protected charicteristic that you deny them entrance into your force. You need to start protecting the GOOD officers, detectives etc by making sure that you actually have people who will REPRESENT you and not hurt you!.

If you would like to know what a good police officer is, look at those who attended Grenfell, look at those who go out of their way to help and support their community, look at those who respect the authority they have and have reverence for the power that that 1% abuse. When you have found those people seek out more like them.

I would finally ask that people remember not all police officers are like the man who killed George Floyd and should not be tarnished with the same brush. Whilst I understand the anger here in the UK I also think that by letting the YOBs hijack your legitimate Black Lives Matter protests and physically attack the police or let the far right racists hijack the protests you are not serving the cause. We have people in this country who join protests and make them violent for no reason other then they want a fight! If you see this, it is your duty to stop them or make sure police stop them but I ask that the people who are legitimately protest will stand up to the hooligans and make it clear that that is not what the Black Lives Matter protests are about!


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