Be Kinder

What can we do to be kinder to each other?

During this COVID-19 situation we have to be kinder to each other. We were forced into it however, it has been really amazing to see but when this Pandemic is over how can we continue to be kinder to each other.

I do not want to see the world to go back to the way it was, when everything was about me me me and not about me and you together. When the world was money before love, care and affection and the state of the world would be at a cost to the environment. I dont want to see us go back to that, it would break my heart.

So what can we do to be kinder to each other?
1. Find ways in which we can support each other either in person or online:
2. Find ways to volunteer. It does not have to be something that is physical it can be something like letter writing:
3. Look at ways to help feed people for instance, looking at any extra food you may have and donate it to a food bank instead of letting it go off:
4. Take care of yourself first, you cant help others if you are not ok and remember it is ok to not be ok:
5. Help your neighbours if they are in need:
6. Do not ignore people on the street whilst it is easier to judge people it can make an amazing difference that you may make in someone life:

We have to be kinder to everyone we meet. It is important that we are not selfish. We are social creatures and we need to remain that way. Even with the world saying outside is bad and being social it is seriously difficult to see this as hard to get back to but we need to make sure that we dont become fearful of the outside or being social.

Lets try working together to make the world a nicer place for us and the people around us once we get through this pandemic. Lets show the world how it is done.


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