Autism & Ignorance

I get really frustrated with ignorance. When I tell people I am a high functioning Autistic person I either face people who dont understand but what to learn or sheer ignorance. The ignorance is where I get frustrated.

I, for example, get people who hear the word autism and start immediately dumming things down for me. Autism does not make me dumb. You do not need to use words of one sylable with me. Autism just means that I process things in a different way.

The other thing I get is people saying "you cant be autistic you can talk". This is really offensive to me. There is a reason why its called HIGH FUNCTIONING AUTISM. The people who are autistic that need loads of help are low functioning. Not everyone with Autism is the same. There is a saying "once you have met one person with autism, you have met one person with autism." This saying means that that one person's autism will most likely be different from the next person you meet with autism.

Another thing I come across from people is "oh so your like rain man". For those of you who know this reference you will get the imagary. But again, not all autistic people are "rain man". Some are really good with numbers, others not so much.

Ignorance is like the COVID-19 pandemic. You have some people who are ignorant but what to learn more. In terms of COVID-19 they are the people who still try to social distance. Then you have the people who refuse to improve their ignorance and learn about what they are ignorant about. Again in terms of COVID-19 they are the people who say "fuck it I wont wear a mask" or they are the people who ignore lockdown and refuse to social distance.

Unfortunately the cure for ignorance is not like COVID-19. I wish it was. Could you imagine a vaccine that cures you of all ignorance. However, this is not the case. The cure for ignorance is learning. But, you cant force someone to learn you can only try and educate them and if they are still stuck in their ways leave them too it.

I would ask anyone in the world to learn about Autism. There are more people then you realise who are autistic or have some form of neurodiverse condition. Even some celebrities have to deal with neurodiverse conditions. By staying ignorant you are just perpetuating the view that ignorance is ok when it really is not.

If anyone, after reading this, would like to learn more about autism and how it affects me please leave your email address in the comments and I will gladly have a conversation with you.


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