Autism and Social Awkwardness

I have been thinking about my autism and Social awkwardness. It is really difficult to explain to people in words. How do you explain to people why you do not get what is going on. It is different with everyone person who has autism but I drew what it felt like to me.

For me it feels like I am in a box which has warning sign around them. Groups of people are around me chatting, socialising and making friends and I am in that warning box. I cant get out of the box but I see everyone around moving forward. I want to get out and be like everyone else but I cant.

Autism can make you feel lonely when you know that you are so different from everyone else.

I guess the trick is accepting that the path the neurotypical world is on is not your path. You have to make peace with that and make peace with who you are to be happy. Push your limits to challenge yourself but be happy with who you are as a person.


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