Blind date, celebrity style

I really wonder whether a celebrity now a day could date someone or fall for someone who looked like me. I wish I had the resources to try this theory out.  Chris Vance is Gorgeous and Talented and has a sexy accent. Shemar Moore is tall dark and soooo sexy. He is an amazing actor as well. However, would either of these men want to date someone like me? What I would do would be to do 3 official "dates" a week for a month. My camera would be off, theirs obviously on! If they decided they wanted more time in between, the same rules apply but it would be more than acceptable. At the end of the month, they get to decide if they get a reveal date and see if getting to know me before seeing me created an attraction. I wonder if any celebrity who says they want a "normal" woman would be willing to try my theory. I can't be more normal. I also can't be any more abnormal with being disabled as well but you know what cest la vie, HAHA  If anyone knows the actor Chris

Family Vs Ohana

 For those who know me in real life you may of heard me call people my Ohana. Ohana is the Hawaiin word for family. Because of the difficult childhood I had and the abuse that I did and still, to this day receive from my so call blood family, I say the following; "I have my blood family, and my Ohana".  To me, Ohana is a group of people who may or may not (depending on your situation) be related to you by blood. Ohana is there for you in the rough times. When you are struggling. They don't judge you, they help you whether it is finding you help or giving you money. Ohana sees you in your good times and your bad times. They laugh with you, they cry with you, they joke with you, and they empower you. If you are Ohana to me know that I love you with all my heart and that I would give you the shirt of my back or the last pound in my purse.  My blood family can have their moments but it always comes at a price. I do not mean cash price. They talk behind my back saying things l

Updated: Review of O2 Network - Not loyal to customers

******************* UPDATE My review of O2 went live last Saturday. On Sunday I had made further contact with O2 and they agreed to provide me with a refurbished phone. I have now received my refurbished Samsung Note 10 and replacement sim. Unfortunately, this is not a fully happy ending because I feel that the only reason I got the replacement phone is that I told them the following; 1) They can remove the data package as I would not be using it and therefore will not pay for DATA 2) They can cancel the insurance 3) they can write off the device cost as I refuse to pay for a device that I do not have. I know I lost the phone but how many of you would pay £360 (in device charges) for a device you did not have, especially as replacing the device for new would cost you more than that. Whilst I am glad they rectified the awfulness that they put me through, however, I still say if you are disabled look at them more cautiously. I do not know if I will stay with O2 at the end of my contract,

Please help

I know I have not blogged for a while but there has been a reason for this. Last week was my birthday and I took the week off of work. Unfortunately my week off of work did not go so well. The Sunday night (the 4 th ) people were smoking outside my window for a while which triggered my PTSD. I could not sleep all night and when I was finally tired it was 6am Monday morning (5 th ). I then slept through to 12pm and set off people's panic attacks because they had not heard from me. My birthday was crappy. My own mother did not wish me a happy birthday. The first thing that she said to me was “I have to change the cat's vet appointment”. That whole day she did not wish me a happy birthday. My own sibling sent me messages in the afternoon which makes me think that they only remembered last minute because they started seeing birthday messages on my Facebook. I wasn’t expecting much but you know, feeling like a forgotten family member or a second thought was horrible. Thursda

Birthday and Positive Vibes

So this will be the last time I say anything about this. July 7th is my birthday. Less then two weeks away. Some people have been asking me what am I expecting from it and to be honest, the answer is nothing. Due to the family that I come from I expect no presents or cards. I have yet to hear from any of them that they want to get me something so I just decided you know what this year, I am not going to expect anything. This means, if what I think happens happens, I am not going to be broken hearted. To give you an idea of what my family is like on my birthday, one year I got woken up by my dad, I thought to wish me happy birthday. Oh how wrong I was, it is forever engraved on my brain what he said "Sorry X, I forgot it was your birthday and lost my money gambling". Really not what you want to hear on your birthday. Another occassion, I got woken up by my mum again, wishfully thinking she woke me up to say happy birthday, and oh was I wrong

Love of Pets

Honestly, pets can be an important part of anyones life. My baby's Bright Eyes and Chocolate are my entire life. When I am low cuddles with them brings me back to normal. When I am happy they are the first ones I share it with. When I am stressed I am with them. Living alone means that sometimes they are the only people I get to talk to. When they get injured or hurt, I am devastated. Honestly they are my whole heart. Anyone who has a pet, and lives alone, knows they are every part of your heart.

My Dreams

I was asked today about dreams and what dreams I have. Funnily enough, the person who asked me this question also added “I’m sure being disabled you don’t have any”. So, to prove them wrong, here are my dreams. Dream 1: get a fully paid for college experience in an American University. I always wanted to study Criminal Psychology and have a degree in it. I have been in love with the USA since I was a small child and it was something I always wanted but being undiagnosed autistic and undiagnosed dyslexic, I never had a chance in school. I also came from a poor family so would never be able to afford it. I would want the full experience, albeit living off of campus due to my disabilities. I do not think I would be able to share a dorm, especially with the meds that I take for them. I know at 34 that is never going to happen but if I had a rich sponsor who gave me life changing money and a university agreed to take me on, I would be in HEAVEN! I would even register to do